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Services offered include the repair or rewinding (if necessary) of damaged or non working single coil and humbucking pickups. Over the years we have acquired a large selection of both modern and vintage magnet wire in various sizes and insulation types. This selection includes Plain Enamel, Formvar and Poly/Poly Nylon insulations. In most cases this wide selection enables us to match the wire size and type of insulation which was originally used to wind your pickup coil including the ohms per foot of the copper, the outside diameter of the wire and insulation combined as well as the color. We also have a limited supply of Pre CBS Fender ALNiCo rod magnets in most of the commonly used sizes for vintage Fender single coil pickup repairs and restorations.

Humbucker coil taps. Coil taps are offered for humbucking pickups which will convert a pickup with a single conductor or two conductor lead wire to four conductor leads. This modification will allow you to wire the coils for series/parallel use or single coil operation.

We also restore vintage humbuckers that have had coil taps added to them back to their original state.

Humbucker magnet swaps and flips Bar magnet swaps are offered on humbucking pickups for those who want to change from one grade of ALNiCo magnet to another grade (such as ALNiCo 2 to ALNiCo 5) and vise, versa.
Also offered are magnet flips which will change the polarity of the pickup causing a reversed magnetic phase when two humbuckers are engaged at the same time resulting in a thinner sound.

Wax potting is offered for the reduction or elimination of pickups that produce unwanted micro-phonics.  

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