'63 spec Firebird pickups in a full size humbucker format

Give your full sized humbucker routed Firebird the unmistakable tone of the early year models. These are the same 1963 spec Firebird mini humbuckers shown above but in a "drop in" full sized humbucker format.

Available with raw nickel, nickel silver and gold  covers. $125 ea

Add $5 ea for gold cover

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Using a combination of both Alnico 5 and ceramic 8 magnets the Widowmaker possess the warmth of Alnico pickups but with extremely fast response to pick attack and excellent note definition due to the ceramic 8 magnet properties. Available with black, white, zebra or cream bobbins. Comes standard with 4 conductor lead wire for coil splitting. 
6 String Bridge 14.5.k/ Neck 7.8k. $90 ea

7 string Bridge 15.0k/Neck 7.8k      $100 ea

Bloodline Series '57 PAF

Based on the earliest of the Gibson humbucking pickups the Bloodline series is true to it’s PAF roots. Non-symmetrical wound bobbins, 42 gauge magnet wire and US made Alnico bar magnets are the heart of this set. We use vintage correct steel keeper bars and slugs which are made in-house. Available with raw nickel, Nickel Silver or gold covers or with exposed bobbins. Wax potting is only recommended for players that use high gain. Shown here with aged covers.
Alnico 2 Bridge, DCR 8.3k
Alnico 2 Neck, DCR 7.6k
$95 - $115 each, depending on cover options.


1963 Spec Firebird pickups
Old tone for newer Firebirds.
For many guitarists  the first few years of the Gibson Firebird  stand  far  above all other model years. While  newer Firebird pickups  resemble the early models  the internals are quite different. I have had  Alnico bar magnets from 1963 and 1964 Firebird pickups analyzed and the results show that Alnico 4 was used rather than Alnico 5.  In order to create these '63 reproductions we custom cut full size USA made Alnico 4 Humbucker bar magnets to fit inside the shorter Firebird bobbins. Once these bobbins are wound to 1963 specs the tone is unmistakable.

Bridge 7.7K  (Middle=6.8k)   Neck 6.4K  $125 ea

Add $5 ea for gold covers


The INTRUDER is a hotter wound PAF style humbucker. Wound with thinner 43 gauge magnet wire and a fully charged Alnico bar magnet the Intruder retains the classic properties of a vintage PAF with a harder driving edge. Available with black, zebra, white, or cream bobbins. Choose Alnico 2 or Alnico 5 
6 String Bridge = 14.5k/ Neck = 7.6k $85 ea

7 String Bridge 14.5k/ Neck 7.8k $95 ea

Bloodline Series '59  PAF
Like our '57 series the '59 series PAF is constructed with the same high quality materials but with a different winding which gives it even more of an open single coil sound while still retaining the unique qualities of the early PAF pickups.  
Chose raw nickel, nickel silver, gold covers or with exposed bobbins in black, zebra or cream.

A2 Bridge, DCR 8.1k
A2 Neck, DCR 7.4k
$95 - $115 ea depending on cover options.
Also available with Anico 5 magnets.

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If you're seeking the tones of the the legendary P90 in a "drop in" Humbucker size pickup then our HP90 is the answer. The custom built bobbins are wound to produce extreme sensitivity to both pick attack and your guitars volume control which enables you to easily go from the clean articulate single coil tones to full on P90 grow. The exposed bobbin model is triple lacquer finished then polished to a beautiful gloss which makes the HP90 look as great as it sounds. Offered with Alnico 2, 4 or 5 bar magnets.  $125.00 eaAdd $5 for gold cover. Available in Raw Nickel, Nickel Silver, Chrome, Black and Gold. 
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