If you're seeking the legendary tone of a P90 in a "drop in" Humbucker size pickup then our HP90 is the answer. 
The custom built bobbins are wound to produce extreme sensitivity to both pick attack and your guitars volume controls which enables you to easily go from the clean articulate single coil tones to full on P90 growl. The exposed bobbin model is triple lacquer finished and then polished to a beautiful gloss which makes the HP90 look as great as it sounds. Offered with Alnico 2, 4 or 5 bar magnets.

Available with black fiber board tops or with raw nickle, nickel silver, chrome, black or gold covers.
$115 ea with full cover (add $5 for gold cover)
$125 ea for open top black lacquered fiber board.

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P90 Plus

With its medium high output winding and Alnico 5 bar magnets the P-90 PLUS captures the hotter vibe of the late 60s P-90s. With a big low end, clean highs and accented upper midrange the P-90 PLUS is an excellent choice for rock, classic rock and blues. Available black, white or ivory covers.  
Choose Soap Bar or Dog Ear style.
Bridge DCR.9.0k./ Neck DCR 7.5 k
$85 ea

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MOUNTAIN MAN The Mountain Man is our hottest stock P-90. While still built to vintage specs it’s over wound coil brings in more bottom end, a more pronounced midrange and serious P-90 growl. Wound with 42 gauge magnet wire and fully charged alnico 5 magnets makes it a great choice for single pickup guitars or as a hotter pickup for players who want more bang from their bridge pickups. 
Wax potting is optional. Comes with braided steel shielded cloth hookup wire.  Available with Black, White or Ivory covers.
$85 ea
Alnico 2 or 5.  DCR = 9.5k

P90 Standard 

Built to vintage 60’s specs our P-90 Standard captures the clarity and detail of the early 60's P-90’s. Wound with 42 gauge magnet wire, nickel silver base plates, American made Alnico bar magnets and adjustable height pole screws.

The bridge pickup uses Alnico 5 magnets for a tighter bass response while the neck pickup comes standard with alnico 2 magnets to produce a smother top end and glassy highs. 
Comes stock with braided steel shielded cloth hookup wire. Available with black, white or Ivory covers.

All models are available in Soap Bar or Dog Ear style.  $85 ea

Bridge, DCR 8.2.k /Neck DCR 7.3k