RC '59 Series

Built with all of the same high quality American made components as our True '62 set the RC '59 Series uses a different winding which is slightly lower in output to produce a woody tone with extreme clarity. 

Bridge 6.3k/ Middle 6.0k/ Neck 5.8k

$65 ea


True '62

For many players one of the most sought after Strat tones came from the 1962 models and the TRUE ‘62 is a tribute to this iconic sound. The TRUE ’62 is built to the same specs as the originals were over 50 years ago. US made Alnico 5 pole pieces are scatter wound with heavy build magnet wire to reproduce the unmistakable bell like chime and big low end of these highly sought after pickups.

Bridge 6.2k/Middle 6.2k/ Neck 6.2k
$65 ea 

Add $5 each for aging


Very similar to our ’65 series the AXIS has more output which faithfully recreates the sound of the late 60’s Strat pickups. With a big low end and glassy highs the harder driving AXIS  replicates the iconic tones immortalized by players such as Jimi Hendrix.

The AXIS comes standard with flat pole pieces to suit modern radius fret boards and  RW/RP middle pickup for hum canceling in positions 2 & 4. Also available with staggered pole pieces for vintage radius fret boards. 

Bridge 5.7k /Middle 5.7k/ Neck 5.7k
$65 ea

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SS-90 Series

P90 inspired tone in a standard Strat Single coil size with adjustable pole screws. Wound with 43 gauge magnet wire the SS-90 produces familiar Strat tones but with a bigger bottom end and aggressive P-90 growl when pushed.

Because of the magnet location the 
SS-90 has less string pull than traditional alnico rod Strat pickup which accounts for added sustain. Like a full size P-90 the SS-90 is extremely sensitive to the players pick attack as well as the volume and tone controls.

Offered with nickel, black or gold adjustable pole screws. RW/RP middle pickup for hum cancelling in the 2nd and 4th positions is standard. 

$85 each. Add $5 for gold pole screws

Bridge ~11.0k/ Middle 10.0k/ Neck 8.5k


Hand wound to late1950’s specs the Texas Flood set is the answer for players searching for that woody SRV tone.

Even when using 9 gauge strings the Texas Flood delivers. String up with 10 or 11 gauge strings and you’ll never look back.

Bridge 6.0k/Middle 6.3k/ Neck 5.9k

$65 ea

RC '65 Series

While these are our lowest wind Strat Pickups don’t let the lower output fool you. The lower winding of the '65 is key to the clarity, compression and glassy tones which can be easily recognized on recordings by Strat players such as Eric Clapton and John Mayer .  Constructed with grey bottom bobbins, American made Alnico 5 magnets and cloth push-back hookup wire. Bridge 5.8k/ Middle 5.5k/ Neck 5.5k $65 ea

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