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dual J-Bass pickups

Available with one Split Coil and one Single Coil or with two Single Coils which can be switched between single coil and Humbucking mode.

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Single coil pickups with internal coil taps.
We offer Stratocaster and Telecaster pickups with internal coil taps. Normally used in the bridge position the bobbins are wound to a desired output and then additional winding's and hookup leads are added.

This modification allows us to get two or even three sounds from one pickup by using mini switches or push/pull switching  potentiometer's.

A typical tapped Strat bridge pickup would be wound to ~5.7k ohms and the second (outer) coil

would be wound to ~6.8k ohms. Magnet wire of different gauges can also be used to produce a wide range of tones. 

Miscellaneous/Specialty pickups

RC Pickups  

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   All pickups shown on this site are available as separate units and can be fully customized.

1963 Spec Firebird pickups

Old tone for newer Firebirds

For many guitarists  the first few years of the Gibson Firebird  stand  far  above all other model years. While  newer Firebird pickups  resemble the early models  the internals are quite different.  I have had  Alnico bar magnets from 1963 and 1964 Firebird pickups analyzed and the results show that Alnico 4 was used rather than Alnico 5.  In order to replicate the '63-'64 reproductions we custom cut USA made  full size Alnico 4 Humbucker magnets to fit inside the shorter Firebird bobbins.

Once the bobbins are auto wound to 1963 specs the sound is unmistakable. Choose raw nickle, nickle silver or gold covers,.

Bridge 7.7K  (Middle=6.8k)  Neck 6.4K
$95 ea

Add $5 each for gold covers